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Third Person Project, a 501c3 non-profit initiative, was founded in 2015 by—as The New Yorker described us—“a  loose-knit band of writers, teachers, scholars, and local history buffs.” From those vague beginnings, TPP has evolved into one of the most innovative, community-driven research initiatives in the South.

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We are grateful to many people and partner organizations, including:

Trey Morehouse, Dr. Donyell Roseboro, Dr. Jeanine Mingé, Dr. William R. Ferris, Dr. Clyde Edgerton, Joe Finley, John Monteith, Dr. Kim Cook, Eliot Smith, Laura Butler, Cameron Francesco, Rhiannon Giddens, Leyna Varnum, Jennifer Barfield, Cynthia Brown, Dr. Jan Davidson, Linda Rawley Thompson, Raymond Mott, LeRae Umfleet, Tim Pinnick, Jim Downey, Stacey Clarkson James, Kim Carr, Cedric Harrison, Hannah Nikole-Jones, Deborah Maxwell, Cash Michaels, Al and OLinda McSurely, James Loftin, Wayne Loftin, Ned Irvine, Venita Jenkins, Bertha Todd, Rev. William Barber III, Rev. Benjamin Chavis, Dr. Joshua Roiland, Dr. Tara White, Dr. Mariana Johnson, Regina Carter, Xavier Davis, Dr. Lynn Mollenauer, Jennifer Mabes, Dr. Tiffany Gilbert, David Gessner, Philip Gerard, Fidias Reyes, Larry Reni Thomas, Rhonda Bellamy, Kent Chatfield, Christopher Everett, Mary Alice Thatch, Islah Speller, Dr. Glen Harris, Dr. Jerry Zinner, Felix Brooks, Kimi Faxon Hemingway, Harry Taylor, Dr. Sabrina Cherry, Hesketh "Nate" Brown III, Elaine Brown, Gwendolyn Alexis, Dr. Geoff Ward, Dr. Richard Yarborough, Dr. Helena Spencer, Robert Rosenberg, Lucien and Jane Ellison, Dr. Steve and Heidi Klein, Ridley Edgerton, Bella Erichsen, Dymir Everett, Love Fowler, Malakhi Gordon, Heaven Loftin, Katy McCullough, Juan Mckoy, Shalee Newell, Isis Peoples, Nakitah Roberts, Gabe Smith, Maria Sullivan, Latara Walker, Ramya Warren, Jarred Johnson, Griffin Limerick, Dan Brawley, Drs. Mike and Oz Nichols, Dr. Mio Reynolds, Lauren Collins, Tracy Shedd, James Tritten, Reddgo Long, Emmanuel Mitcham, David smith, Eveyln Bryant, Rev. Ben Chavis, Dr. Helen Othow, Travis Gilbert, Isabelle Shepherd, Ellen Weig, Sanford, woody, Hilarie Burton, Dr. Nathan Saunders, Reed Apaghian, Roger Hamrick, Steven Collins, the University of North Carolina-Wilmington,, Historic Wilmington Foundation, Cape Fear Museum, Randall Library Special Collections, The Giblem Lodge, Pine Forest Cemetery, Cape Fear Collective, The Cameron Art Museum, North Carolina Humanities Council, National Endowment for the Humanities, The New Hanover County Public Library, The Lower Cape Fear Historical Society, The New Hanover County Community Remembrance Project, MOB Theatre, Genesis Block, LINC, Dreams of Wilmington, The Friends School of Wilmington, The Schomburg Center, New York Public Library, The Equal Justice Initiative, The New Hanover County Community Remembrance Project, and others.